Volunteer Teaching of School of History: Bringing Olympics to Children in Mountains

August 2nd witnessed the approaching of the 31st Summer Olympic Games. The volunteer teaching team members, from School of History of Nankai University, gave a vivid “Olympics Class” to children in Anlexi Village, northwest of Hezhang County, Guizhou Province.

As the Olympic season was coming, the team members organized various joyful sports games in Anlexi Village. The first game was group rope skipping. Through concerted efforts of all classes, the best competition result was 226 skips in three minutes. Basketball game was the second on the agenda. Two teams were formed of a mixture of junior and senior class students to have a fierce competition. During the game, two volunteer teaching team members joined in as backups. They played with classmates and enjoyed the game together. The last one was Fun Olympics. It was divided into four parts including throwing back the sandbag, racing with balls in legs, three-legged racing and ball& rope relay. Since any two students could form a team and join the competition, everyone had a high time. With the teachers’ instructions, all participants were ready for competition in order. The students were so engaged in competitions that they could fully enjoy the process.

The three-day sports games provoked students’ enthusiasm for sports greatly and cultivated their sense of cooperation.

Reported by Guo Xinyu

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan 

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