Social Practice Team “Rong Yao” of School of Finance Developed “Internet+” Investigation in Medium, Small and Micro-sized Enterprises

From July 25 to August 5, social practice team of School of Finance “Rong Yao” conducted “Spirit of Revival, Dream of the 13th Five-Year Plan” theme practice. They investigated the policy of “Internet +”’s influence on the innovation and individual start-up business of the medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. They conducted their investigation in Shanghai and Yangzhou.

On July 27, team members visited Shanghai Xi Qu Culture Media Co., Ltd and learned the influence of “Internet +” on traditional enterprises. To delve into the influence of the policy of “Internet +” on innovation and start-up business, the team also developed investigation in the medium, small and micro-sized enterprises in Yangzhou, Jiangsu.

On August 2, team members went to Jiangsu Soho International (Yangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Huiyin Smart Community Co., Ltd. By visiting and interviewing, members realized: in the process of enterprise’s innovative transformation, internet logic is vital for keeping the consumers and building the brand. Enterprises have to know the consumer’s need and pay attention to the customer’s experience in the innovative activities.  

On August 3, members went to two new high-tech enterprises, Su Ao Sense Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Kinzo Ltd. Among two enterprises, Chief Inspector Xu Guorong of R&D Center of Kinzo expressed his views about “Internet +” and artificial intelligence from the perspective of the technology. Members felt the national “Internet +” developing strategy’s oriented influence on manufacture’s high-end process, intelligentialization, greenization and servitization. They also saw the combination of the Internet and artificial intelligence; it is not only an intelligentialized update of the Internet, but also the organic combination of the most world-advanced social productivity and social relation of production. This constructs the most advanced production mode.

On August 4 and 5, members visited Inttoys Company and Deesha Culture Creativity Company respectively. Deesha Culture Creativity Company has successful experience in online business. According to the introduction of Shao Zhongming, corporate PR, Deesha not only ensured sales by taking advantage of experienced online platforms, but also expanded the industrial chains by establishing O2O stores. Thus it is able to build up its reputation and prove the quality. The team members learned Deesha’s advanced development mode, unique innovative thinking, successful enterprise culture and the company’s leader’s brave attempt, which are worth learning for the medium, small and micro-sized enterprises. 

The Ten-day social practice was full of happiness. During the investigation, “Rong Yao” not only had a new understanding of innovation and start-up business in the era of “Internet +” and the opportunity and challenge for the medium, small and micro-sized enterprises, but also harvested a memorable and precious experience of the society.

Reported by Wang Xiaojuan, Wang Zeping

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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