College of Computer and Control Engineering’s “Pilot” Plan Helped the Freshmen to start their Journey at Nankai University

August 28th, during College of Computer and Control Engineering’s welcome meeting, a board with the words “2016 Pilot Plan of Nankai University’s College of Computer and Control Engineering” attracted people’s eyes. On the board, some airplanes made of paper were flying in the clear sky above the Library of Jinnan Campus composing the letters “NK”. The most meaningful thing was the airplane itself: to create the objects the designers used several letters written by some outstanding graduates from different majors to the freshmen. This means that the senior students are the pilots who can help the new students to take their first step into university life. The College took photos of each freshman in front of the board to record the beginning of a new part of their lives.

“Pursue Your Dreams, Fly with Your Youth” was the theme of the “Pilot” Plan: the College prepared letters written by many outstanding graduates for the freshmen on the day of the welcome meeting. The activity aimed at helping the freshmen to acquire experience for college’s everyday life, and find out new study methods to satisfy the requirements. The paper airplanes were designed by the senior students who wanted to encourage and support the freshmen with a special gift. After the enrollment, the College will also design a series of “Pilot” Educational Activities for the new students, helping them to quickly adapt to university life and make plans for this new path.

Reported by Huo Fei, Guo Jiawen
Translated by Shi Yuchen
Proofread by Yan Ruoyan

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