“This is so Nankai!”

Students Entrepreneurial Team Created the “Nankai Mooncake”


Bright is the Moon over our hometown, strong is the love we feel for Nankai. This autumn, Nankai University's entrepreneurial team "The Banks of Xinkai Lake" created the first Nankai mooncake. From the design of the paper to the gift box, everything showed the features of Nankai.

One of the designers of the mooncakes, the student Ren Zhe, introduced us the characteristics of this delicious product. Ren said: “The mooncake is shaped as one of the many lotuses of Nankai University. It represents the fact that Nankai's people are everywhere. In the middle of the mooncake there is the seal of ‘Nankai’, which represents Nankai's friendship and the fact that all the things go back to their source eventually. The octagon, as the one on Nankai’s school badge, connects the inside to the outside. It implies that all the people of Nankai are part of a close family.

The main part of the package is covered by a brown flower with a bronze pattern. The small seal "Nankai Mooncake" is placed in the right side of the packet. A hand-painted lotus can be found on the main face of the mooncakes together with a representation of the Main Building of Nankai. Under the lotus there is a small river, where the moon, a beautiful full moon, reflects its light. It looks just like a picture of a full moon night in autumn at Nankai University. Attached to the gift box there is a hand-painted Nankai University's Mid-autumn greeting card.

Food is really important, and safety is the most important thing when we talk about food. When the team decided to make a unique, healthy, and delicious Nankai mooncake, they visited many producers, learning how to produce this product. Among various mooncake producers, the team members decided to visit the famous 100-year-old enterprise Tianjin Gunshunzhai Second Food factory. Food safety was very important for these students: finally, they created beautiful mooncakes which weigh 100 grams. There are six different flavors, including assorted nuts, all kinds of fruits, jujube, apple, red bean paste, and hawthorn. The gift box has either six or eight mooncakes.

Lu Songhong, the team leader, was really proud to say that "Nankai Mooncakes" caught the attention of teachers, students, staff, and alumni. They were even sold outside China. Every day, the team members received 200 to 300 orders. Till now, the sales volume has reached 120,000 RMB. The team planned to donate from 5% to 10% of the profits to Nankai University Foundation to support the living expenses of the students from poor families. Lu Songhong said that: “The hearts of Nankai people belong to the Alma Mater forever. The glory of Nankai University needs to be cultivated, and, at the same time, its development needs students’ appreciation. As a brand new students entrepreneurial team, our power is limited. However, we have a deep sense of ‘filial piety’. We are willing to do everything for Nankai’s development.

Source: Nankai News

Reported by Ma Chao

Translated by Kong Yankun

Proofread by Letizia Vallini

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