A Scholar of Nankai University won CASP’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Prof. Le Guoyan, from the Department of Social Psychology of Nankai University’s Zhou Enlai School of Government, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award during the 2017 annual academic meeting of the Chinese Association of Social Psychology.

The Chinese Association of Social Psychology (CASP) is a national academic community composed of Chinese social psychologists founded in 1982. CASP’s main tasks are the promotion of research in social psychology, the creation of national and international educational exchanges, the publication of journals and books, the organization of counseling psychology services and other activities, and the popularization of social psychology.

The Lifetime Achievement Award of the CASP awards the people who helped the development of Chinese social psychology, contributed to the development of CASP or served as leaders of the association. Among the winners, there are several highly respected and well-known social psychologists. The award is considered as the highest honor granted by the Chinese Association of Social Psychology to the psychologists.

In the past, Prof. Le Guoyan received several outstanding academic awards including the fellowship of the Chinese Psychological Society, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Chinese Psychological Society, and the National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers.

Reported by Chen Jie

Translated by Xue Ting

Proofread by Letizia Vallini


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