Prof. Sun Hongwen: foster Patriotism through Academic Efforts


Born in July 1967, Prof. Sun Hongwen is currently a Doctoral Supervisor, the Dean of the College of Environmental Science and Engineering, and the Chairman of Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Processes and Environmental Criteria.

Personal Statement:

I believe that the patriotism embodied by Prof. Huang Danian coincides with the public interests proposed by Nankai University. Nankai University was born to solve the social hardships of China, and I will always dedicate myself to the prosperity of my motherland, the rejuvenation of my nation, and the happiness of all people. As a professor of Nankai University, I will never stop improving myself, share my knowledge with my students, and instill my enthusiasm for the academic career into their minds. I will learn from Prof. Huang Danian and contribute to the realization of the Chinese dream of a great national rejuvenation.

The Real Power of Courses and Teaching Materials

Prof. Sun Hongwen has endeavored to provide high-quality courses for each student. Two of her major courses in Environmental Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry Experiment for undergraduate students have been selected as National Quality Courses and National Excellent Resource Sharing Courses.  

She also attaches great importance to teaching materials and wrote and co-wrote a variety of monographs and textbooks. As editor and chief editor of the two books Environmental Chemistry and Electronic Portfolio of Environmental Chemistry, Prof. Sun saw her works entering the list of the National Planning Textbook for General Higher Education during the 11th Five-year Plan and 12th Five-year Plan. The textbooks beat the record of more than 240,000 copies sold within eight years, becoming two authoritative teaching materials in the field of Chemistry and receiving wide acclaim from professors and students.

Teach Students in accordance with Their Aptitude

Prof. Sun Hongwen spared no effort in the cultivation of undergraduates’ comprehensive quality. During the semester, she created a Laboratory Open Day for the students of the course in Environmental Chemistry so that they could follow the research direction and the latest works of Tianjin Municipality and Ministry of Education’s key laboratories. Together with the members of her research team, she instructed a dozen of applicants of the National University Student Innovation Programs and “100 Projects” of the Creative Research for the Undergraduates of Nankai University. Two of these students won the 1st prize and two of them the 2nd prize.

Scientific Achievements for the Whole Society

Prof. Sun Hongwen dedicated her life to scientific research. She has undertaken more than 40 scientific projects and published more than 280 papers. Over 140 of her articles were included in SCI. With more than 2,000 quotations, her academic achievements were highly appreciated by her national and international colleagues. Besides, Prof. Sun also pays attention to the application and promotion of practical technologies. The results of her research on fixatives on heavy-metal compounds have been adopted by the Ministry of Agriculture as a cure for soils polluted with heavy metals. In the city of Tianjin, the treated area covered over 164.74 acres, retrieving many losses from the farmers. In 2014, she was selected as Chair Professors of Ministry of Education’s Cheung Kong Scholar's Program. In 2015, she was nominated as national–level candidate for the New Century Ten Million Talent Project. This year, she received the funding of the program “131” Creative Talents Team. Prof. Sun has a very active academic life: she serves as Vice Director of the Scientific Committee on Pollution Ecology of Chinese Ecology Society and is a member of several Chinese professional committees and national and international journals.

Source: Tianjin Daily

Translated by Ada Yan

Proofread by Letizia Vallini


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