[Notice] Nankai University’s Series Lectures on Carrying on Chinese Traditional Culture: The Charisma of Chinese Traditional Music 2018.01.11

Nankai University’s Center for Faculty Developmetn will continue to host the lectures on traditional culture to promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture and improve the cultural literacy of the teachers.

As the first lecture of Tianjin Conservatory, “The Campus Tour of Famous Musicians to Promote Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture”, this lecture will invite Prof. Jing Xuedong, Vice President of Tianjin Conservatory of Music. He will give a lecture on the origin, characteristics, celebrities and their works and aesthetic value of Chinese music. The lecture will present pictures as well as the materials and appreciate both the refined and popular works, leading the audience to learn the diversity and magnificence of Chinese music.

Guest’s Background: Prof. Jing Xuedong is Vice President of Tinajin Conservatory of Music, majoring in Musicology. He is member of Chinese Musician’s Association, Vice Director of University Artistic Theory Teaching Instructing Committee, MOE, member of Artistic Education Committee, MOE, and expert who receives a special government subsidy of the State Council. He is the author of “Introduction to Chinese Music”, “Music Quality and Masterpiece Appreciation”, “Luo Yusheng and JingyunDagu” and co-author of “History of Chinese Female Musician”. He has won the first prize of Government Award of Chinese Artistic Broadcast in the section of Music, the first prize of Tianjin Excellent Teaching Result, etc. He is also the judge in the competitions of Wenhua Award of Chinese Teenager National Instrument Competition, CCTV Piano and Violin Competition, etc. He has also worked as the appraisal experts for Chinese University’s National Excellent Courses, Art Programs of National Social Science Foundation, National Art Foundation, Key Projects of University Literature, Art and Social Science Key Research Base, National Famous Teachers, etc.

He has also been the host for Central People’s Broadcasting Station, Hong Kong Phoenix TV, Tianjin TV Station, China Huayi Broadcasting Company, etc., and the guest for lectures or interviews of Western and Chinese Music. He has also visited tens universities and departments to give lectures of music art in China.

Date and Time: January 11 (Thursday) 14:30

Location: Lequn Room, YongtaiHongkan Hall, Balitai campus, Nankai University

Application: Please scan the QR code in the poster below.Tianjin Conservatory of Music fully takes advantage of its resourceful talents in art, organizing and developing the workshop of “Famous Musicians Promoting Excellent Chinese Traditional Culture in the Universities”. Through various celebrity lectures, professional presentations, and club guidance, firmly led by socialist core values, the workshop promotes the creative and innovative transition and development of the excellent Chinese traditional culture. By instructing the teachers and students to learn the unique and deep artistic spirit, the workshop aims at concreting the audience’s cultural confidence and promoting the prosperity of socialist culture. This lecture is the 10th lecture of Nankai University’s series lectures of Chinese Traditional Culture; and the former lectures involved the contents of literature, history, philosophy, music, painting, drama, etc.

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