[Lecture] The identification of Economic models with GIS, Theory,Method and Applications 2018.12.07

Date and Time: December 7 14:30

Location: Meeting Room, 10th Floor, College of Economics, Balitai campus

Guest: Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang

Guest’s Background: Prof. Zhiqiang Zhang, Ph.D., Regional Economics, Nankai University; Assistant Research Fellow, Institute of Urban and Regional Economics, College of Economics, Nankai University. His research interests include urban economics, spatial econometrics, and empirical industry organizations (EIO). He has published 4 papers on theoretical econometrics in domestic journals such as The Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economics and Statistical Research, and in CSSCI journals such as Journal of International Trade, Economic Theory, Business Management, etc.

Participants: Yue Li, Kaixing Huang, Zhaodui Shao, Danni Su, Yongqiang Guan, Min Zhao, etc.

The event is sponsored by Nankai University’s College of Economics.

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