The Dragon Boat Team of Nankai University Received Excellent Scores at World Famous University Dragon Boat Race 2018.06.19

With the coming of the Dragon Boat Festival, Nankai University’s Dragon Boat Team attended 2018 World Famous University Dragon Boat Race (WFUDBR) in Dali County, Weinan, Shaanxi Province. After fierce competition, the team received excellent scores in three men’s events, including the 2nd place in 2000m Round Race (12 people, standard dragon boat) and the 3rd places in 500m Straightaway Race and 200m Straightaway Race, which are the best results of the race.

Initiated in 2014, the WFUDBR officially started in 2015. the competition system of WFUDBR was jointly set up by International Student Dragon Boat Federation, Tianjin Sports Bureau, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission, and Tianjin Tourism Bureau in Tianjin. The participants are confined to the full-time undergraduates. Tianjin also becomes the founding city of the WFUDBR.

Founded in 2007, Nankai University’s Dragon Boat Team aims at transmitting excellent traditional culture and Nankai University’s sportsmanship and cultivating Nankai people with strong sense of responsibility and health. At present, there are 132 active members in the team, including 16 master students, 5 doctoral students, and 111 undergraduates. On behalf of Nankai University, the team has participated in China’s dragon boat races for many times, and has won 66 awards in 43 races. So far, five outstanding members have been selected to Tianjin Municipal Dragon Boat Team and realized Nankai people’s dream of participating in the National Games. In addition, the team has also founded a dragon boat summer camp.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Chao Ma

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan

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