49 Graduates of Nankai University-Univresity of Glasgow Joint Cultivation Program Obtained “Double Master Degrees” 2018.06.27

On June 26th, 2018 commencement ceremony of Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School was held on Jinnan campus, Nankai University. As the UK’s first international graduate cultivation institution in the name of “joint graduate school” in China, the school was co-sponsored by Chinese and British governments and was founded with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. This year, a total of 49 students graduated from the program and obtained “double master degrees” granted by both Chinese and British universities.

During the commencement ceremony in the afternoon, Senior Vice-Principal and Executive Vice President of the University of Glasgow Prof. Neal Justor, Nankai University’s President Xuetao Cao, Vice-Principal of the University of Glasgow Prof. Anne Anderson, Vice Chancellor of Nankai University Lei Wang and Vice President Jing Li as well as heads of the joint graduate school attended the event.

Established in November 2014 with the approval of the Chinese Ministry of Education, Nankai University-University of Glasgow Joint Graduate School officially enrolled the first batch of students in 2015. Four programs are provided by the school: International Relations, Urban and Regional Planning, Environmental Management, and Translation. In 2017, the two universities signed cooperative agreement of enrolling international students. The joint graduate school is a beneficial attempt of cultivating high-level talents in joint cultivation program.

Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is one of the four most ancient universities in the UK, and one of the ten oldest universities in the world. It is one of the members of the prestigious Russell Group, a self-selected association of twenty-four public research universities in the United Kingdom. The University of Glasgow’s alumni include the renowned Father of Economics and author of the Wealth of Nations Adam Smith, the famous physicist and the first proposer of the concept of thermometric scale in thermodynamics William Thomson 1st Baron Kelvin, the world-renowned engineer and the ameliorator of the steam engine James Watt, the founder of Classical Electrodynamics James Clerk Maxwell, and many others.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Junhui Wu and Xuan Sun

Photographed by Jici Nie, Junhui Wu

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan

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