NKU 2018 Graduation and Doctoral Degree Awarding Ceremony 2018.06.30

June 28th, NKU 2018 Graduation and Doctoral Degree Awarding Ceremonies were held on both Balitai and Jinnan campuses. President of Nankai University and Chairman of the university’s Committee for the Conferment of Academic Degrees Xuetao Cao, Vice Chancellor and the university’s Discipline Inspection Commission Yidan Li, Vice Chancellor Lei Wang, Vice Presidents Guanglei Zhu and Jing Li, and heads of Graduate School, Department of Graduate Affairs and schools and colleges attended the ceremony. Yidan Li, Lei Wang and Jing Li hosted the ceremonies.

Guanglei Zhu and Jing Li announced the degree awarding resolution. This year, a total of 742 students obtained doctoral degrees at Nankai University.

During the ceremony, Xuetao Cao conferred the certificates to and turned the tassels for each graduates. On behalf of Nankai University, he extended warm congratulations and gave a speech to the graduates of class of 2018. Finally, he gave three pieces of advice on “innovation” to the graduates. Firstly, the graduates should overcome difficulties with strong ambitions to serve their motherland. Secondly, the graduates should temper their innovative capability with deliberation and discernment. Thirdly, the graduates should always be ready to make exploration and innovation in science. Finally, he wished the graduates to return to their alma mater and witness the coming of the new epoch of Nankai University.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Renming Qiao, Jingqiu Hao and Chao Ma

Proofread by Yonghua Ren, Junhui Wu and Weicheng Jin

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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