Freshmen's Orientation Education of Nankai University 2017.09.14

September 12th, the representatives of the freshmen of the class of 2017 made a solemn vow in front of the university bell.

Conventionally, freshmen of Nankai University will ring the school bell and learn the university’s history after their entrance to the university. This year, Director of the Nankai University’s School History Research Office and Professor of the School of Marxism Education Zhang Jian was invited to introduce the history of the school bell to the freshmen. He encouraged the freshmen to take the university’s outstanding alumus former Premier Zhou Enlai as a model and study for the rise of China in the spirit of "serving the world as a whole".

The school bell of Nankai University was originally made by Krupp Weapons Manufacturer. On the 1st anniversary of the September 18th Incident, teachers and students of Nankai University rung the university bell in three consecutive days to commemorate the national humiliation with the first day 9 times, the second 1 the third day 8. July 29th, 1937, the Japanese invaders bombed Nankai University. On July 30th, the Japanese invaders robbed the university bell, a large number of books and equipment, and their whereabouts remained unknown afterwards. After the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, President Zhang Boling wrote to the head of the Chinese military delegation in occupied Japan to request for the retrieval of school bell lost in wartime. However, No news was heard about In July 1997, in order to commemorate Nankai University's history and inspire patriotism among teachers and students,a new school bell was recast.

Reported by Ma Chao

Photographed by Ren Yonghua

Translated by Wang Yaqiang

Proofread by Ada Yan


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