Over 30 Top Scholars Discussed about China’s Regional Economy of the New Age at Nankai University 2017.11.13

“The Prospect of China’s Regional Economy of the New Age” Forum and National Inaugural Ceremony of the Disciplinary Construction Committee of Regional Science and Urban Economics was held at Nankai University on November 10th. More than 30 top domestic scholars in regional science and urban economics focused on the prospects of China’s regional economy of the new age at Nankai University.

The forum is the first domestic high-level conference on regional economic development after the 19th CPC National Congress. Vice President of Nankai University Zhu Guanglei and President of the Regional Science Association of China and Vice President of Capital University of Economics and Business Yang Kaizhong attended the opening ceremony and made speeches.

With an educational policy of “Knowing China to serve China” and a focus on the combination of theory and practice, Nankai University has always been serving the country, the regional economy and social development. Nankai University’s College of Economic and Social Development and College of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Collaborative Development has made significant contribution to the country’s major regional economic strategy, regional policy planning and impact evaluation and the construction of regional economy big data platform with the support of its humanities and social science base and 2011 collaborative innovation center. Currently, the university is committed to building top domestic think tank on Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei collaborative development strategies, world first-class theoretical innovation base for regional collaborative development, and highly internationalized platform for regional policy exchanges with a view to support its discipline of applied economics.

Reported by Hao Jingqiu

Photographed by Lai Hongjing

Translated by Ada Yan

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