The Official Release of NKU “Double First-Class” University Plan 2017.12.30

December 28th, Nankai University released the Construction Plan of the “Double First-Class” via its official website and information disclosure website.

The plan contains seven sections including general situation, overall requirement, construction goals, description of construction and reform, expected effects and organizational guarantees.

According to the plan, the goals of Nankai University’s “Double First-Class” construction are: to build a world-renowned high-level university by the time the university celebrates its centenary in 2019; to rank among world-class universities by 2030 and among the top of world-class universities in overall strength by the middle of the century so as to contribute to a socialist power with Chinese characteristics in an all-round way.

The plan stresses that Nankai University should uphold moral education as its fundamental task and remain committed to its mission during its coordinated construction of world-class universities and first-class disciplines. The university should also serve the country’s economic and social development with an orientation to support the innovation-driven strategy with “talent” as its focus, “disciplines” as its driver, “teaching” as its basis, “research” as its guideline, “openness” as its breakthrough, “management” as its support and “culture” as its tie. In this regard, the core competiveness and the capacity to serve the country and the society will be improved across the board.

Based on the goals in building the world-class university and the principle of “overall promotion and key breakthrough”, the university puts the disciplines into three tiers: pioneering world-class disciplines, plateau disciplines and newly developed inter-disciplines and new disciplines.

Pioneering World-Class Disciplines: the university will give priority to seven disciplines including History, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics and Data Science, Material Science and Engineering, Economics and Business Management and Administration; plateau disciplines: the university will give support to the disciplinary group of philosophy and Marxism education, the disciplinary group of the excellent traditional culture, the disciplinary group of public management, the interdisciplinary group of ecological civilization, disciplinary group of biological medicine, disciplinary group of material science, disciplinary group of modern engineering and disciplinary group of international issues to become leading domestic disciplines; newly developed inter-disciplines and new disciplines: the university will develop the advantageous directions with Nankai characteristics so as to achieve the advanced domestic level. A “7+8+X” disciplinary development pattern takes place with the three-tier disciplinary construction as the theme of development,

The plan also puts forward ten construction and reform tasks to promote the building of world-class university across the board, including the reinforcement and improvement of the Party’s leadership, team building, talent cultivation, disciplinary construction, scientific research, commercialization of research findings, international exchanges and cooperation, excellent cultural inheritance and innovation, improvement of the university governance system, and strengthening the service system.

Reported by Wu Junhui

Translated by Shi Yuchen

Proofread by Ada Yan

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