Nankai University’s Commemoration of the 42nd Anniversary for the Decease of Former Premier Zhou Enlai 2018.01.09

January 8th, 2018 marked the 42nd anniversary for the decease of former Premier Zhou Enlai, the outstanding Nankai alumni. Nankai University held a series of theme events to commemorate the great alumni at both Balitai and Jinnan campuses.

Many teachers and students visited the statue of former Premier Zhou Enlai and commemorate him in various forms. Chancellor Dapeng Wei paid a visit to the commemoration site and presented bouquet to express his grief.

The students of the 6th and 7th “Zhou Enlai Program” and the winners of the 11th Zhou Enlai Scholarship also participated the event. All the teachers and students pledged that they would fulfill former Premier Zhou Enlai’s wish to study for the rise of China, remain committed to serving public interests and shoulder the responsibility of the time.

It had been 42 years since Premier Zhou Enlai passed away on January 8th, 1976. Although the great man has deceased, Chinese people, especially Nankai people, will never forget his great contributions to his motherland. Therefore, various commemoration events are held on the anniversaries of his birthday and decease.

Reported by Chao Ma and Junhui Wu

Photographed by Yonghua Ren and Junhui Wu

Translated by Yaqiang Wang

Proofread by Ruoyan Yan

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