President Xuetao Cao Visited Academicians of Nankai University 2018.01.09

January 9th, President Xuetao Cao visited academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Molin Ge and Weiping Zhang.

Xuetao Cao extended warm greetings to the academicians and sought their advice on disciplinary development, faculty development, undergraduate teaching and internationalization. He noted that Mathematics is a fundamental and traditionally strong discipline of Nankai University. In this regard, more efforts should be made in coordinating with the national demand and integrating with other disciplines. and creating more influential projects. He also wished that the experts could offer more pieces of advice to help improve the university’s undergraduate teaching quality and internationalization level. Academicians Molin Ge and Weiping Zhang expressed their gratitude to the care and concern of the university and shared their views with Xuetao Cao on related issues.

Reported and Photographed by Jici Nie

Translated by Ruoyan Yan

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