Nankai Student Won the Championship of National Chess Open 2018 2018.02.13

February 11th, “Hua Insurance Cup” National Chess Open 2018 ended in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. With the total accumulated score of 8 within 9 rounds, Yankai Li, student of Nankai University, won the championship of the Open Division, the highest level in the competition.

The winner Yankai Li is one of the key players of the high-level sports team of Nankai University. As a student of Editing and Publishing major at School of Literature, he has made impressive achievements with other team members in many competitions home and abroad.

The chess team of NKU Sports Department has won several awards including the championship of World Chess Competition and group championship of National Class A Tournament. The team has several chess masters and international A-level judges. Currently, the judge of the university chess team Jiaqi Zhu has opened the elementary and advanced courses of Chess Class A. In addition, the tutoring station for chess beginners is opened to teachers and students on every Tuesday afternoon on Balitai campus.

Reported by Jiaqi Zhu

Translated by Ruoyan Yan



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