The Review Exhibition on the 35th Reestablishment Anniversary of Nankai University Press 2018.05.10

The year 2018 marks the 35th Reestablishment Anniversary of Nankai University Press. On May 8th, the Review Exhibition on the 35th Reestablishment Anniversary of Nankai University Press was held at the 2nd Teaching Building on Balitai Campus. Vice President Guanglei Zhu and Assistant President Xiaojuan Huang attended the opening ceremony. Nearly 100 Nankai teachers and students participated in the ceremony. 

Originated from 1929, Nankai University Press had witnessed the contribution of international master of mathematics Shiingshen Chern, well-known dramatist Yu Cao, famous physician Dayou Wu, etc. On October 1936, the Japanese Army attacked Tianjin and occupied Nankai University, which caused the suspension of the press. With the approval of State Education Commission of the PRC and Ministry of Culture of the PRC, Nankai University Press was reestablished in 1983.

As one of the textbook bases on Humanity & Social Sciences in North China directly under the Ministry of Education, Nankai University Press has published a large number of textbooks, academic monographs, translation works and reference books on Philosophy, Social Sciences, Nature Sciences, Technological Sciences and Literature and Arts, among which books of various subjects became the focus including Economics, Management, Tourism, Computer Sciences, Languages, History, Philosophy, Chemistry, Biology and Physics. In recent years, the press publishes nearly 400 kinds of books every year, many of which have received awards at National Level or Provincial Level. 

In the eve of the 35th Reestablishment Anniversary of Nankai University Press, the press also prepares a series of events including the 8th Nankai University Reading Festival” and book sales (From April 23rd to 24th), public book sales at Tianjin Convention and Exhibition Center (From May 10th to 14th), two seminars on May 12th, an on-campus seminar on press marketing on May 18th, and an on-campus book sales near the 2nd Student Canteen, Balitai Campus. 

Source: Nankai News

Written by Renming Qiao

Photographed by Yonghua Ren

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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