Guests of Sumitomo Corporation China Group-Tianjin Visited Nankai University 2018.05.14

May 5th, Yamada Hidenori, Manager of Sumitomo Corporation China Group-Tianjin, visited Nankai University. Vice Chancellor Lei Wang had a meeting with the guests at the Service Building, Balitai campus.

Lei Wang extended a warm welcome to the guests and appreciated Sumitomo Corporation China Group’s continuous support for Nankai University. He said that Nankai University encourages student exchanges in various forms so that they will be better versed in serving China and act as a bridge of friendship between China and other countries.

Yamada Hidenori said Sumitomo Corporation China Group establishes a scholarship in Nankai University to provide outstanding students from poor families with exchange opportunities to study in Japan. He hoped that both sides could strengthen the contact and keep friendly cooperation.

Since 2001, Sumitomo Corporation China Group has established “Sumitomo-Nankai University Scholarship” to finance Nankai University’s outstanding students. Until 2014, altogether 262 students have received a total amount 520 thousand yuan. Since 2015, the scholarship was transformed as “Sumimoto Scholarship for Exchange Students”, supporting the outstanding students to study in Japan. Especially since 2006, Sumitomo Corporation China Group has also developed a decade-long “Sumimoto-Nankai University Lecture” at Nankai University’s Business School. Altogether 2,724 students have attended the lecture, which have won wide acclaim among teachers and students. In addition, ten students of Nankai University have been invited to attend the short-term internship every year since 2011 and expected to promote China-Japan cultural exchanges.

The head of Office for International Academic Exchanges attended the meeting.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Chao Ma

Photographed by Chengjin Wei

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan


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