Senior Editor with Science Gave a Special Lecture at NKU 2018.05.13

May 10th, Senior Editor of Science ( the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and one of the world's top academic journals). Steve Mao was invited to give a lecture titled “Open the Black Box— An Editor’s View on Publishing Scientific Paper” at Nankai University. President of Nankai University Xuetao Cao hosted the lecture. Vice Chancellor of Nankai University Lei Wang and Chancellor of Tianjin Medical University Zhi Yao attended the lecture.

Before the lecture, Xuetao Cao had a meeting with Dr. Mao and accompanied him to visit the campus.

Xuetao Cao expressed a warm welcome to Dr. Mao for his visit to Nankai University. He said that as many teachers and students are keen to publish articles in high-level magazines or journals such as Science, he hoped them to gain a better understanding of Science and produce more high-quality research results with a more scientific attitude.

During the lecture, Dr. Mao introduced the history, status quo, running idea, submission and review procedures of the magazine. After the lecture, a seminar was held between Dr. Mao and teachers and students of Nankai University.

Steve Mao graduated from Department of Biology, Peking University, and obtained his doctoral degree from Southwestern Medical Center, University of Texas in 2009. He has conducted post-doctoral research in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Harvard University. He had served as Senior Editor of Cell (a peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing research papers across a broad range of disciplines within the life sciences), and he is Senior Editor of Science at present.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Chao Ma and Yuanli Chen

Photographed by Chengjin Wei

Translated by Yuchen Shi

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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