Chinese Delegation Led by Nankai Teachers Won the Gold Medals on Asian Physics Olympiad 2018.05.16

From May 5th-13th, Chinese delegation led by Nankai University and Tianjin Physics Society attended the 19th Asian Physics Olympiad in Hanoi, Vietnam. Altogether 185 contestants from 25 Asian countries and regions, including Russia, Romania, etc. participated in the competition. The 8 members of Chinese delegation made a clean sweep of the gold medals with individual total score all entering top 10. The team also ranked first in the categories of group total score, individual total score, theorectic score, and male player.

The team was led by four teachers from Nankai University’s School of Physics, including Feng Song (leader), Tianhao Zhang, Chunling Zhang, and Wangwei Hui. China Association for Science and Technology and Tsinghua University also sent observers to attend the competition. Chinese delegation consists of 8 middle-school members, including Tianyang Chen, Yizhou Xu, Dingli Wang, Zhaorong Fu, Chenbing Wang, Jinyu Liu, ZhouzhouGu, and Yanzhen Wang.

Commissioned by China Association for Science and Technology and China Physics Society, Nankai University’s School of Physics and Tianjin Physics Society organized the training for Chinese delegation and led it to 2017-2018 Asian Physics Olympiad.

Source: Nakai News

Written by Wangwei Hui

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan

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