Former Chile’s Ambassador to China Visited Nankai University 2018.06.13

June 11th, Fernando Reyes Matta, former Chilean Ambassador to China and Director of the Center of Studies on China, Andres Bello University, visited Nankai University. President Xuetao Cao had a meeting with the guests at the East Administration Hall on Jinnan campus. Vice President Guanglei Zhu met with the guests and exchanged opinions on related academic issues.

Xuetao Cao extended warm welcome to Fernando Reyes Matta and expressed his gratitude for Matta’s contribution to the development of Chinese-Chilean relationship. He hoped that Nankai University and Andrés Bello University could strengthen the mutual understanding, seek cooperation opportunity in technological and cultural exchanges, and promote win-win cooperation.

Fernando Reyes Matta said that it is valuable to see China’s ceaseless efforts for mutual trust and win-win cooperation. He was honored to visit Nankai University, the alma mater of late Premier Enlai Zhou, and expected further exchanges and cooperation with Nankai University.

In the afternoon, Fernando Reyes Matta was invited to give a lecture titled “The Interactions Between China and Latin America and Shared Participation in the Contemporary Global World” on Zhou Enlai Forum, and had a meeting with the teachers and students of Zhou Enlai School of Government.

Fernando Reyes Matta has served as Chile’s ambassador to China from 2006 to 2010. Since December 2010 on the eve of 40th anniversary of the establishment of Chinese-Chilean diplomatic relations, he became the Director of the Center of Studies on China, Andres Bello University。

Source: Nankai News

Written by Chao Ma

Photographed by Jici Nie

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan



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