Elizabeth D. Hay Professor Junying Yuan with Harvard University Engaged as Professor with Nankai University

Yuan Gave an Academic Report at NKU


July 2nd, Prof. Junying Yuan, Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, and Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School, was engaged as professor with Nankai University, and gave an academic report to the audience of Nankai University. President Xuetao Cao attended the engagement ceremony and awarded her the letter of appointment.

After the ceremony, Yuan gave a report with the theme of “The Role and Mechanism of RIPK1 in Age-dependent Neurodegenerative Diseases - From basic cell biology to clinical applications". She introduced her research findings in recent years and shared her experience with the audience.

As a famous molecular biolgist, Junying Yuan graduated from the Department of Biology, Fudan University in 1982, and obtained the doctoral degree on neuroscience. She has served as Assistant Professor Vice Professor and Elizabeth D. Hay Professor of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School. As the first observer of cell apoptosis genes, Yuan has contributed significant findings to the discovery and characterization of apoptosis. She has published a number of research papers on world class academic journals such as Science, Nature and Cell. With eleven international awardsin the past years, she has been invited to give special lectures on several occations by Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Heads of Office for International Academic Exchanges, College  of Chemistry, College of Life Sciences, and State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology participated in the event.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Yonghua Ren

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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