Online Class Opens to NKU Postgraduates 2018.07.07

On July 2nd, the first day of 2018 Nankai University’s Summer Semester, a public class under educational reform was trialed simultaneously at two classrooms of the public teaching building on Jinnan campus and the 2nd Teaching Building on Bailitai campus at a distance of 20 kilometers. Zhinan Cheng and Cheng Yang, the Undergraduates of grade 2014 gave a marvelous lecture to their younger schoolmates on “Preparation for English Examination” and “Application for Overseas Master Degree”. This was the first lesson of the course “Academic Guidance for University Students I”.

In contrast with the traditional classroom in which professor served as the only lecturer, the professors will assist the student lecturers to answer the audience’s questions after the completion of a special topic in every 20 minutes within the 3.5 class hours. Moreover, the teachers and students in two campuses can interact with each other via remote video chat.

“The lecturer has already mentioned that the key points in English learning is to make constant efforts every day,” said Xia Li, the Director of Department of Public English Education and the assistant professor on Balitai campus. But she couldn’t help adding the tips of making constant efforts in English.

“I suggest using a ‘memory framework’ to place yourselves in the context, and improving your learning of various fields of study,” “The best way of learning English is shadowing,” “It is better to talk to yourself than to practice dialogues,” suggested Hua Li. Her careful guidance activated the class atmosphere.

“Academic Guidance for University Students I” is a standard course for solving undergraduates’ problems in learning English. The course this year first applied the online teaching and invited 5 experienced students to share their opinions. Except for the topics in the first class, like preparation for English examination, application for master study overseas and oversea study, contents like “exchange programs for undergraduates”, “recommendation and examination for master study”, “academic planning”, “scientific and research innovation of students”, “degrees and majors”, “booking courses”, etc. will also be provided.

“The reason why we changed the traditional classroom teaching is to inspire students’ potential of deep thinking and to get themselves involved in the class and educational reform. Thus they can see a rapid improvement and growth,” said Chuanyong Li, Vice Director of Teaching Affairs Department. “In the following reform, we will give students better access to classroom interaction through group discussion, topic presupposition, classroom transformation, etc.”

Source: Nankai Source

Written and Photographed by Hongjie Lai

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan

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