The Research Achievement of NKU Published on the Cover of Food & Function Journal 2018.08.08

Recently, a new interdisciplinary research achievement has been made as the result of the National Key Project for scientific instruments “In-situ Microanalysis and Manipulator for Life Sciences” hosted by Prof. Xin Zhao, the Institute of Robotics and Automatic Information Systems, Nankai University.

The joint-research team composed of members from Nankai University’s College of Life Sciences, State Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemical Biology, the Institute of Robotics and Automatic Information Systems, and Tianjin Medical University General Hospital’s Department of General Surgery found that resveratrol reverses the adverse effects of a diet-induced obese murine model on oocyte quality and zona pellucida softening. Related result is published on the journal Food & Function published by Royal Society of Chemistry. Food & Function is a well-known international scientific journal affiliated to Royal Society of Chemistry press, and it is also an SCI journal.

Nankai University’s Prof. Xizeng Feng, Prof. Xin Zhao, and Tianjin Medical University General Hospital’s Dr. Daofu Feng from Department of General Surgery serve as the corresponding authors of the paper. Ph.D. student Zhenzhen Jia and master student Zeyang Feng are first authors. Nankai University is corresponding author’s unit.

Link to Paper:

Reported by Zeyang Feng

Translated by Yuchen Shi

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