NKU 2018 Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Meeting of Freshmen Military Training 2018.09.05

September 4th, Nankai University’s 2018 Opening Ceremony and Mobilization Meeting of Freshmen Military Training was held on Balitai campus. The university leadership participated in the meeting including Chancellor Qingshan Yang, President Xuetao Cao, Vice Chancellor and Vice President Kexin Yang, Vice Chancellor Yang Zhang, Vice Chancellor and Secretary of CPC Commission for Discipline Inspection of Nankai University Yidan Li, Vice President Guanglei Zhu, Vice President Jing Li, member of CPC Standing Committee of Nankai University, Assistant to President Hai Yu. Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor of College of Chemistry Zhengming Li, members of Chinese Academy of Sciences and professors of College of Chemistry Licheng Song, Qilin Zhou, Jun Chen, professor of School of Economics Jinju Pang, Chair Professor of School of Chinese Language and Culture Hong Chen and heads of schools and colleges attended the meeting. The alumnus of Nankai University’s Department of Mathematics (Year of 1979), Chairman of Wumart Group and Visiting Professor of Nankai University Wenzhong Zhang, the alumnus of Department of Finance (Year of 1988), President of Nankai Alumni Association in Shanghai and Chairman of Junhe Capital Hongjun An, the alumnus of Department of Mathematics (Year of 1988) and President of Yongxian Technology Haibing Zhou, and Chairman of China Entrepreneurs Forum Yuan Tian was invited to attend the meeting.

Xinhuanet provided live streaming of the whole opening ceremony this year. The head of Nankai University Archives gave a lecture on school history and general conditions to the freshmen after the ceremony.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Fang Lan

Photographed by Yonghua Ren and Jici Nie

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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