Nankai Alumnus Wenzhong Zhang Makes Record Donation to NKU 2018.09.06

On September 4th, Nankai alumnus, Chairman of Wumart Group and visiting professor Wenzhong Zhang made a donation of 100 million yuan to Nankai University during 2018 opening ceremony. Chancellor of Nankai University Qingshan Yang accepted the check and awarded a memorial plaque to Wenzhong Zhang.

According to Dr. Zhang, a portion of the donation is used for the renovation and digitalization of the old library on Balitai campus and the construction of the university history museum, and the other, rewarding outstanding students and poor students, and supporting talent introduction and disciplinary innovation and development, especially for emerging disciplines such as big data and artificial intelligence. The donation is expected to facilitate the university’s early ranking among world first-class universities.

Wenzhong Zhang completed his bachelor degree from Department of Mathematics, Nankai University in 1979 and master’s degree from Department of Management, Nankai University in 1985. In 1994, he founded Wumart Group, the earliest supermarket in Beijing. As he has been concerning about his alma mater for years, he established Wumart Master of Science Award with a donation of three million yuan in 2004 to commemorate international mathematical master Shiing-Shen Chern and award outstanding undergraduates in natural science disciplines such as mathematics. So far, there have been 330 students receiving the award. In April 2018, he donated one million yuan to establish Zhiying Research Center for Health Statistics of the Institute of Statistics with a view to create a cutting-edge scientific innovation and R&D platform and a world-class health statistics center.

This is also the second donation above 100 million yuan since the founding of Nankai University. In October 2016, Nankai Alumni Haibing Zhou and Ying Hou made a donation of 100 million yuan to Nankai University to support the construction of their alma mater and establish Zhide Fund.

Source: Nankai News

Written and Photographed by Jici Nie

Edited by Ruoyan Yan

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