The 1st Nankai University’s Group Wedding was held 2018.10.08

With the cool breeze refreshing the beautiful autumn, the first Nankai University Group Wedding was held on Balitai campus on October 6th. As one of the series events of celebrating the 99th anniversary of the founding of Nankai University, the event had attracted 62 couples who are Nankai alumni or newly-recruited staff. With the best wishes from their teachers and friends, they got married happily.

Former presidents of Nankai University Zixin Hou and Ke Gong, the kinship representative of Mr. Boling Zhang Yuanhua Zhang, Vice Secretary of Party Group and Executive Vice President of Tianjin Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese Zhonglin Chen attended the ceremony as marriage witnesses and delivered marriage certificates and wedding ring to the new couples.

As an important part of the wedding, the organizing committee has called on each couple to make a donation of RMB 99 so as to establish “Nankai Future Star Foundation”, which received positive response from the couples. The foundation aims at passing on the spirit of “dedication to public interests, acquisition of all-round capability, and aspiration for progress with each passing day” by awarding and caring for children of Nankai alumni in education, illness and other fields. The donation ceremony was also held during the wedding.

Instructed by Nankai University Alumni Association and hosted by Women’s Group of Nankai University’s Tianjin Alumni Association, the whole event was broadcast live on Nankai MOOS Platform.

Source: Nankai University

Written by Li Zhang

Photographed by Yonghua Ren and Li Zhang

Edited by Yuchen Shi and Ruoyan Yan

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