The Delegation of Nuffield College, Oxford University, Visited Nankai University 2018.11.03

From October 30th-31st, Darren Nash, Associate Head of Department, Nuffield College, Oxford University, and Prof. Tao Dong, expert in Immunology and Director of Antiviral T Cell Laboratory, Human Immunology Research Center, Oxford University, Medical Research Council (UK), visited Nankai University. President Xuetao Cao met with the guests and hosted a project promotion meeting. Vice Chancellor Lei Wang attended the meeting.

As one of the most ancient universities in English world, Oxford University was founded in 1167 and is regarded as one of the top higher education institutions in the world. Its Nuffield College is one of the most well-known medical schools in Europe and ranks top 3 among world medical schools. The College has several interdisciplinary research platforms that are closely connected to clinical applications, including Cell and Molecular Physiology Center, Structural Biology Center, Structural Genomics Center, Human Genomics Center, Cancer Research Center, Experimental Medicine Center, Vaccine Development Center, Clinical Biomanufacturing Center, Tropical Medicine and Global Health Center, etc. In last two decades, the college has developed the vaccines, drugs and clinical technologies for diagnosis, treatment and disease control, promoting the revolution of global health policy and clinical practice.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Junhui Wu, Fan Luo and Sida Zhao

Photos by Junhui Wu and Jici Nie

Edited by Yuchen Shi


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