The Delegation of Nankai University Visited Chile 2018.11.03

At the invitation of the Regional Center of Confucius Institute for Latin America, etc., delegation led by Vice President Guanglei Zhu visited Chile from October 24th-26th, exchanging ideas with parties concerned on topics such as teaching and research cooperation between Chinese and Chilean universities, and the changes of Chinese society after the reform and opening up.

During the stay, Guanglei Zhu paid a visit to Chinese Embassy in Chile and exchanged views with Ambassador Bu Xu, part-time professor of Nankai University, on the cooperation between Nankai University, and universities and research institutes of Chile.

The Regional Center of Confucius Institute for Latin America has been the second regional center ever since the establishment of Confucius Institute U.S. Center. It takes charge of 40 Confucius Institutes including the Confucius Institute at Nankai University.

As a well-known private university in Chile, Andrés Bello University is one of the main sponsors of the high-level academic forum of the China-Latin America and Caribbean Community. President Rodríguez spoke highly of the traditional friendly relations between the two countries. Zhu introduced the developing history of Nankai University in the past century and the operating features of “Knowing China to serve China” with the example the policy support provided by Nankai University’s APEC Center for the participation of Chinese government in APEC cooperation.

In the afternoon of the 25th local time, Guanglei Zhu attended the symposium at the Government College of Universidad del Desarrollo. The university is one of the fastest growing private universities in Chile, and attaches importance to academic exchanges with Chinese universities. The “Future Ambassadors Program” launched in 2006 has become a well-known program for bilateral people-to-people exchanges.

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