President of Cheju Halla University Sung-Hun Kim Visited NKU 2018.12.02

November 30th, the delegation of President of Cheju Halla University Sung-Hun Kim visited NKU. Vice Chancellor and Secretary of CPC Discipline Inspection Commission Yidan Li met with the guests at Foreign Experts Department, Jinnan campus. The two sides had a discussion on issues such as student exchange.

Cheju Halla University, located in Jeju City and established in 1969, aims to promote social and national development by pursuing and propagating advanced knowledge and technology. The university has 7 divisions and 31 departments. Nankai University and Cheju Halla University built the first Confucius Institute on Chejudo in 2009, and was awarded “Excellent Confucius Institute” in 2015. Both universities have maintained close collaboration in talent cultivation for years, and signed agreements for education cooperation program in 2011.

Heads of The Confucius Institute of Cheju Halla University and Office for International Academic Exchanges attended the meeting.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Renming Qiao

Photographed by Junhui Wu

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