NKU’s Student Choir Held a New Year’s Concert at Tianjin Grand Theater 2019.01.02

In the evening of December 29th, Nankai University’s Student Choir was invited to hold 2019 New Year’s Concert at Tianjin Grand Theatre.

The concert began with the repertoire “Affection for Peking Opera in the Flourishing Age”. During the twelve-minute performance, the total five types of roles in Peking Opera including Sheng (male character), Dan (female character), Jing (painted-face character), Mo (middle-aged male character), and Chou (clown), were showed on the stage. Both the brilliant performance and the beautiful outfits of the female warrior roles reflect the charm of China’s traditional culture. By virtue of the wonderful performance of the repertoire, the Student Choir has won the championship in the category of Folk Music with performance in the 2nd World Choir Games 2002 (Busan).

Then the choir also brought a group of mixed chorus featuring national culture, and a series of exotic works such as “Baba Yetu”, “Water Night”, “Kruhay”, etc. Besides, the graduating members also contributed solo performances. Remarkably, Nankai University’s Student Orchestra also performed Vivaldi’s violin concerto “The Four Seasons” (“Spring” and “Winter” sections).

The final piece was the folk chorus with performance “Mulan”, by which the Choir won the championship in the 9th World Choir Games. The choir members exhibited the ambitions and bravery of Mulan in joining the army in place of her father. At last, the Choir sent the best wishes to the audience with two encores including “Ba Jun Zan” and “Happy New Year”. The concert was completed with the “Anthem of Nankai University”.

With a number of concerts in National Grand Theatre, Beijing Concert Hall, Tianjin Grand Theatre, Tianjin Concert Hall, Shenzhen Grand Theatre, etc., Nankai University’s Student Choir has committed to creating and disseminating works with rich national characteristics, which reflect the vitality of Nankai students.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Wang Tianjiao and Wang Yiming

Edited by Shi Yuchen and Yan Ruoyan

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