The Result of Cao Xuetao’s Team Selected as ”Cell 2018 China Annual Paper“ 2019.06.23

Recently, jointly organized by China Science Daily, Cell  Press and Institute of Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the series activities of 2019 “Chinese Scientists & Cell Press”- Cell Press 2018 China Annual Paper and Institutional Award Ceremony was held in Beijing. The paper of Xuetao Caos Team, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and president of Nankai University, as well as other four papers, were selected as Cell 2018 Annual Paper.

The result of the team is Tumor-Induced Generation of Splenic Erythroblast-like Ter-Cells Promotes Tumor Progression, which had been published in Cell on March 29th 2018. The paper confirms that splenic artemin-positive Ter-Cells present in hepatocellular carcinoma patients, and that the elevation of artemin in serum is associated with poor prognosis. The results suggest that Ter-Cells and artemin they secrete play an important role in the progress of cancer, which has important therapeutic and prognostic significance.

The 9 years of exploration and clinical cohort translational study enables Cao’s Team to make a systematic and original research on Ter-Cells including its source, channel and how it promotes tumor, and propose that the removal of spleen or selective removal of Ter-Cells in patients with terminal cancer is conducive to their comprehensive treatment.

According to the report, all the five selected papers were completed by the research institutes in Chinese mainland as the first completion institutes, including three in the field of bioscience and two in physical science.

Source: Nankai News

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