NKU Delegations Hunted for Top Talents in the US 2019.06.28

In order to promote the construction of expert faculty team, Nankai University continues to advance its strategy of strengthening the university with talents. At the point of celebrating its centennial anniversary, the university recruited top talents from home and abroad.

From June 16 to 25, three delegations, respectively led by President Cao Xuetao, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, former president Rao Zihe, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president Gong Ke, Chairman-Elect of World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), visited the United States. The 31 team members including deans of colleges, experts, professors, and staff of Office of Human Resources, Office for International Academic Exchanges, Nankai Alumni Association, Department of Faculty Affairs, Office for Nankai University 100th Anniversary and Office of Development.

During the trip to world top universities and research institutes including Harvard University, Columbia University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles and the Scripps Research Institute, the delegations had various talent-hunting events such as inter-university exchanges, alumni meetings, talent talk, hundreds of backup faculty meetings and seminars.

The strong delegations show the sincerity of NKU

It was the first time that Nankai University sent the delegations of 31 members including three presidents and experts. This fully demonstrates the sincerity of the university in hunting for talents from home and abroad during the critical stage of building "Double First Class University”.


Cao Xuetao gave a report in the scholars’ seminar at Harvard University

Rao Zihe gave a report in the scholars’ seminar at UCLA

     Gong Ke gave a report in the scholars' seminar at the University of California, Berkeley

The state of the university message highlighted the profound history of the univeristy. Cao XueTao, Rao Zihe and Gong Ke made introductions respectively to the support from the country and President Xi Jinping for the university, Nankai historical background, the disciplinary platform construction and talent post system to young scholars from Columbia University, Yale University, New York University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Los Angeles and San Diego. Especially in Boston, Cao Xuetao and Rao Zihe attended the symposium together, attracting more than 200 scholars from Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston College as well as alumni of Nankai University in Boston.

The talent-hunting policy of the university fully demonstrates its confidence and determination in the strategy of strengthening the university with talents. The "Three Hundred Plan" talent-supporting program provides a talent development platform; "Five types of Channel" is suitable for the talents at all level from top talents to Doctors; "Nine Large Special Zones" attracts talents with well-directed purposes and provides the utmost support for various demands such as the team building, laboratory platform construction and graduate recruiting quotas of the young talent and strategic scientists. Meanwhile, the learning and working situation of their children and spouse would be fully considered in order to relieve the worries of talents.

One-on-one talks accurately docks demand. the experts and scholars conducted one-on-one interviews with talents in their own disciplines, and provided consultations for talents from various perspectives.

During their stay in the United States, the delegations held six talent seminars with over 500 attendees from a dozen of American universities. The strong delegation of Nankai University, favorable policies for talents and working environment were fully recognized by the scholars.

The academic exchanges between the universities and colleges reflect the internationalized drive of Nankai University

The strategy of internationalization is an important strategy in the university’s course of "Double First-Class University Construction". One of the key tasks of the visit is to expand the international influence of Nankai University and promote its research level through international cooperation at all levels with the world first-class universities and disciplines and well-known experts and scholars.

Academic reports usher in a new chapter on making friends through academic exchanges. At Harvard University, Cao Xuetao gave an academic report titled "Exploring Immune Life and Understanding the Way of Scientific Research", which witnessed the opening of the international academic exchange and cooperation. The delegations also discussed with world first-class experts including Nobel laureates and academicians to join the activity of Nankai' s centennial academic lecture.

The Joint Research Institute implemented the construction of overseas research center. Cao Xuetao had discussions with the representatives of Columbia University to establish a joint research institute, explored the establishment of substantial academic cooperation with famous universities in the world, and built an important platform for introducing and cultivating talents in prestigious overseas universities. Rao Zihe discussed with the representatives of the Scripps Research Institute to establish a cooperation platform, and reached a preliminary intention on joint recruitment and training of postdoctoral fellows by top-notch laboratories of both sides.

The delegation led by Cao Xuetao met with leaders of Columbia University and experts in related fields

     The delegation led by Rao Zihe had conversations with leaders and experts Scripps institute

The delegation led by Gong Ke parled with experts from School of Chemistry of the University of California, Berkeley

This trip to the United States also received support from experts from the universities in the US including honorary professors, guest professors and chair professors of Nankai University, and consolidated the relationship with the experts.

The 100th anniversary will be a good beginning for telling the overseas stories of Nankai University

Cao Xuetao attended the alumni meeting in New York

Cao Xuetao and Rao Zihe attended the alumni meeting in Boston

Rao Zihe attended the alumni meeting in Los Angeles

Gong Ke attended the alumni meeting in Northern California

The trip to the US is also one of the Fourth International Talent Forums of Nankai University. The Fourth International Talent Forum of Nankai university planned to hold two meetings domestically and four globally, which have been held successively from April to December. Through the combination of "bringing in" and "going global" strategies, all departments should work together and take various measures to introduce talents and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with first-class universities and research institutions overseas. The good talent-hunting result is expected to provide a gift for Nankai University’s 100th Anniversary.

Source: Nankai News

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