[The 100th Anniversary of Nankai University] Zhang Boling Sports Thoughts Summit Forum Held in Tianjin 2019.07.28

A century ago, confronting with the aggression of the powers, Zhang Boling, the founding president of Nankai University has called on Chinese people to improve their physical health before enhancing national strengths. Therefore, sports have always played an important role in the education system of Nankai University. Therefore, the sports thoughts of Zhang Boling have been maintaining its lasting charm in later generations.

On July 25th, the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Nankai University: Zhang Boling Sports Thoughts Summit, a grand event about Nankai Sports, was held at Nankai University.

The Five Tigers Basketball Team of NKU

The Football Team of NKu in the 1930s

Zhang Boling Kicked off for the Student Football Game

Zhang Boling's emphasis on sports not only reflected in his educational practice, but was also shown in his promotion and participation in the Olympics. He has proposed the famous "Three Questions about Olympics - " When will China send athletes to the Olympics? When will China win the Olympic gold medal? When will China host the Olympic Games? He was also the man who made six “firsts” in Chinese Olympic Movement: the earliest proposition that China should join the Olympic family; the earliest involvement in the creation and organization of the Far East The Olympic Movement; the earliest promotion of Olympic education into the textbook; the earliest establishment of the National Sports Association of China; the earliest promotion of Chinese athletes to participate in the Olympic Games; the earliest launch of China to host the Olympic Games. Therefore, Zhang is known as the "first person of the Chinese Olympics."

In the morning of July 25th, the expert forum was held in the Shiing-Shen Hall of Nankai University. More than 180 experts and scholars home and abroad attended the conference on the theme of "patriotism and sports" and had academic discussions on Zhang Boling's sports thoughts and the drive of strengthening the nation through sports. Yang Kexin, Vice Chancellor and Vice President of Nankai University, hosted the conference.

In the afternoon of the same day, the second part of the summit was held at the Nankai University Sports Center. More than 2,500 participants attended the conference, including the alumni, teachers and students, and people from all walks of life, witnessed the signing of a cooperation agreement between the China Basketball Association and the Tianjin Sports Bureau to establish the China Basketball Museum in Tianjin. Nankai University and Rongcheng Group signed an university-enterprise cooperation agreement.

China Basketball Museum will be built in Tianjin, the birthplace of Chinese basketball. As a non-profit organization, it will be responsible for excavating, sorting, developing and inheriting the historical and cultural mission of Chinese basketball, and will become a permanent base for displaying the history and culture of Chinese basketball.

Cao Xiaohong, Deputy Mayor of Tianjin, attended the forum and delivered a speech. She pointed out that Zhang Boling has made indelible contributions to promoting the sports of Nankai University, of Tianjin, of China and even of the world. The educational concept of "All around development of morality, intelligence and physique" is of far-reaching significance. It is an asset of Nankai University, Tianjin and even China.

Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, said that a hundred years of Nankai University has been an epitome of the spirit and integrity of the Chinese nation. It is a jewel in the history of Chinese education and a monument in the history of Chinese sports.

Yang Qingshan, Chancellor of Nankai University, pointed out in his speech that Zhang Boling's physical education thought is valuable spiritual wealth of Nankai School. Nankai School is guided by the motto of“Dedication to Public Interests, Acquisition of All-round Capacity, Aspiration for Daily Progress”. The strong patriotism spirit has inspired generations of students to serve the country.

Yao Ming was invited to give a keynote speech and congratulated Nankai University on its upcoming 100th anniversary. He said that as the initiator and promoter of modern Chinese sports and school sports, Nankai has made outstanding contributions to the development of modern Chinese sports. The physical thoughts of the former principal Zhang Boling still have practical significance and important revelation.

On the same day, the guests of the conference also visited the exhibition of the century history of Nankai University.

Source: Nankai News

Written by Wu Junhui and Ma Chao

Photographed by Wu Junhui and Nie Jici

Edited by Nankai Translation Center

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