Nankai University Won the Bid to Host International Chemistry Olympiad 2022 2019.08.02

During the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad, Nankai University, commissioned by the Ministry of Education, the China Association for Science and Technology and the Chinese Chemical Society, handed China’s bid book for the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChOto the Steering Committee of IChO. After a serious statement and vote, Nankai University won the bid to host the 54th International Chemistry Olympiad 2022. It is a return after 27 years that international young Chemistry enthusiasts gathered in China since Beijing International Chemistry Olympiad 1995.

Vice Dean of College of Chemistry Liang Guangxin made a statement on the bid

In order to bring the event to China again, Nankai University sent three delegates as observation mission and declarers including Zhu Shoufei, Liang Guangxin and Guo Dongsheng, Vice Deans of College of Chemistry to France. The successful bid for the event reflects the important place of Chinese chemistry in international chemical community and the profound background of Nankai chemistry. As a representative of the host, Guo Dongsheng was selected to a member of the International Chemistry Olympiad Steering Committee. During the preparatory phase of the event, Nankai University’s School of Chemistry, as the organizer and executive of the event, will make a careful plan on event arrangement, reception services, cultural activities, hardware facilities, etc。

The Award Ceremony

Besides, the good result that four members of Chinese team won three gold medals and a silver medal is also a high-profile event during the 51st International Chemistry Olympiad France. Chinese contestants also obtained the best performances in the exams of theory and skills.

The International Chemistry Olympiad is usually held in late July each year and lasts for ten days. In 1968, the first IChO was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in which only three countries were involved. Nowadays, more than 80 countries and regions have participated in the event and IChO has been the largest and most influential Chemistry Competition for Middle School students. The event has been held for 50 consecutive years since its launching. IChO 2019 was held in Paris, France, from 21 July to 30 July with the participation of 80 countries and regions in the world. Chinese contestants have been doing well in IChO each year since its first entry in 1987.

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