Student Choir of Nankai University Won Double Championships in the 9th World Choir Competitions in Sochi 2016.07.14

On 10th July local time , the 9th World Choir Competitions closed its first phase in Sochi, Russia. The Student Choir of Nankai University won three gold prizes at a stroke, among which two prizes were achieved respectively in Mixed Choir group and Scenic Folklore group and Chinese National Flag rose twice for Nankai University. 

After a long flight, the Student Choir arrived at Sochi on 5th July local time, and immediately devoted itself into the intense rehearsals and the contests. Overcoming the difficulties of the long journey and contest schedule, they accomplished the three-day competitions and performance with their praiseworthy perseverance and solid skills. Finally, it became both gold prize winners and champions of Mixed Choir group and Scenic Folklore group, and gold prize winner of Unaccompanied Folklore group, creating the best result in history. 

Among the entries, the new choral work Mulan won the first place of gold prize in Scenic Folklore group, which was also their third champion in a world choir competition after the 1st World Choir Competitions in Pusan, Korea, and the 8th World Choir Competitions in Riga, Latvia. After the first World Choir Games in Pusan, Korea, and the eighth World Choir Games in Riga, Latvia, it was the third time they won the first prize in World Choir Games. Mulan, based on the folk song of the Northern Dynasties Ballad of Mulan, narrated a story that the heroine Mulan enlisted replaced her father as a member of army and returned in triumph. The work integrated arias of Henan Opera with Northeast Errenzhuan, and adopted the performing style of Chinese Kongfu, and combines the art of choir with the expressiveness of Chinese young generation, demonstrating extensive and profound characteristics of Chinese culture and developing Chinese culture.

World Choir Competitions, hosted by IUTERLULTUR based in Germany biennially, is the biggest choir competition in the whole world. In 2016, the 9th World Choir Games held in Sochi, Russia, attracted 283 choruses from 76 nations and areas all over the world. More than 12000 members of choruses attended the keen competition. 

Zhang Da’an, head of Student Choir of Nankai University and the senior undergraduate of Nankai University, said excitedly after receiving the prize: “This prize is the best payback for our laborious training. The Five-Starred Red Flag rose twice for Nankai University, and we are the champions! This is also the best education in patriotism.”

Reported by Cao Lianna
Photographed by Wu Tiange
Translated by Fu Linya
Proofread by Ada Yan

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