The Master of Educational Leadership and Management program, jointly administered by Nankai University, China, and Flinders University, Australia, is a Sino-foreign cooperative educational program in China that has received high reputation for its academic excellence, and is dubbed as the MBA in the field of education. The program was approved in 2011 by the Chinese Ministry of Education (MOE) and enrolled its first intake in the following year.
The program is fully accredited by the MOE:
Program and the strengths
1. Independently-designed entrance examination and strong team of faculty
The entrance exams are built by faculty members from both Nankai University and Flinders University, and are separate from China’s national graduate examinations. Latest debates and solid knowledge in this field are brought to class by experienced and senior faculty members from both institutions.
2. Full accreditation status and CSCSE authentication
The program is fully accredited by the MOE, and the MELM degree certificates are eligible for authentication by the Ministry’s Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE).
3. World-class program administration tailored to the needs of Chinese students
The MELM program benefits from Flinders’ advanced administrative concepts, which are aligned with the world trend in the field and meet the requirements of the educational reform in China.
4. Reputation
The MELM is a Sino-foreign cooperative educational program of sound standing that enjoys high reputation among comparable programs in China. Its graduates have been spoken highly by their employers.
5. A platform for exchanges and sharing
Students will have regular access to lectures, whereby scholars, and professionals at home share their rich experiences with the program’s students. Out-of-class workshops allow students to apply theory in practice, bringing to them an insight and deeper understanding in what they learn from classroom.

Curriculum plan of courses (a total of 14 courses composed of 8 Flinders topics and 6 Nankai topics)


Topic (taught in English)


Topic (taught in Chinese)

Flinders University

Leadership and

Management in Education

Nankai University

Educational Economics

Leaders and Leadership

Educational Policies

and Legislation

Managing Human Resources

Marketing of

Educational Services

Managing Innovation

in Organizations

Financial Management in

Educational Institutions

Educational Governance

Theories in

Organizational Reform

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Educational Reform and

Developmental Trend

in 21st Century (lecture)

Leading Knowledge Management

for Organisational Learning

Developing People in Organisations

Duration of course & mode of learning

1. Duration of course: two years

2. Location: Nankai University (Balitai campus)

3. Mode of learning: part-time

4. Lecture schedule: concentrated timetabling. Class meets once every month, and each class session runs for three days. It typically takes place from Friday to Sunday.

5. Course format:

1) Flinders topics are delivered by Flinders faculty, supported by class tutors. The topics are assessed in the form of papers and the degree thesis composed in English.

2) Nankai topics are taught by Nankai faculty. They are assessed in the form of exams or papers.

Degree and CSCSE authentication

Students who have successfully completed all of the degree requirements will be granted Flinders degree of Master of Educational Leadership and Management. The degree is accepted for authentication by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE).


1. Eligibility: The MELM program is open to working professionals who have successfully completed undergraduate course of studies with certain level of English proficiency and who have had experiences in the field of educational administration.

2. Candidates must have experiences in management roles in either a college, school, or government regulatory agency in the field of educational administration.

Contact us

Cooperative Educational Programs Office, College of Economic and Social Development (CESD), Nankai University

Address: Room B315, CESD Building, No. 94, Weijin road, Nankai District, Tianjin

Zip code: 300071

Tel.: 0086 022 23504086/23498051

Program officers: Ms. Xin Wang, Ms. Yu Fang

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